HYDRO 2014: Development of autoclave processing pox technology for olimpiada sulphide concentrates and biooxidized feedstocks

Hydrometallurgy 2014 7th Iternational Symposium, 2014
Zaharov B.A., Shneerson J.M., Chugaev L.V., Zhunusov M.T., Drozdov S.V., Markelov A.M.

The main direction of research was the application of autoclave technology for the flotation concentrates or biooxidation feedstocks. The industry modernization also expects the possibility of increasing the yield of the flotation concentrate, to allow an increase in gold extraction in flotation circuit. This paper provides brief description of results obtained for concentrates with the yield of 4 and 8%, as well as corresponding biooxidation feedstocks. Technological efficiency of autoclave oxidation is shown for both concentrates and biooxidation feedstocks. The process has been evaluated on a laboratory and a continuous pilot plant scale. Gold extractions from POX discharge are ranging from 94-97% for each product, with only 5-7 kg/t cyanide consumed.