ALTA 2013: Pressure oxidation of double refractory gold concentrates

ALTA 2013 4th Anuual Gold Event, Melbourne (Australia), 2013
Ilia Fomenko, Peter Zaytsev, Michael Pleshkov, Lev Chugaev, Yakov Shneerson

The reasons for gold-bearing materials refractory nature and behaviour features of carbonaceous matter during pressure oxidation of concentrates were discussed. The chemical processes that lead to gold losses during high pressure hydrometallurgical treatment of double refractory materials were examined. The influence of organic carbon content in the concentrate on the pressure treatment performance was investigated. The influence of chloride ion content in the liquid phase of pressure oxidation slurry on the gold extraction from materials containing organic carbon was noted and researched. The pilot tests results of double refractory concentrates pressure oxidation were introduced. The pressure oxidation approach that allows obtaining high gold recovery from double refractory materials was proposed.