Since the establishment of the SRC Hydrometallurgy the main focus of the center is the scientific and technical support of the Pokrovskiy autoclave hydrometallurgical complex (POX Hub) investment project by Petropavlovsk PLC

As the part of support of the Pokrovsky POX Hub project, specialists of SRC performed following work:

  • Selection and substantiation of the processing scheme and determination of parameters and indicators of the main operations of autoclave-hydrometallurgical technology for processing two different types of pyrite-arsenopyrite gold-bearing concentrates.
  •  Preparation of criteria and regulations for the design of an AHC.
  •  Engineering support of design work and selection of main equipment.
  • Determination of regimes and technology for adjusted processing volumes and composition of concentrates.
  • Development of regulatory and technical documentation, analytical control methods and training materials for the projected enterprise.

These works were carried out in close cooperation with design oragnizations- Peter Hambro Engineering CJSC and Outotech Oy. The choice of the concentrate processing scheme, the determination and adjustment of it’s indicators were based on results of laboratory studies and pilot tests, which were carried out by SRC specialists.

In 2017-2019, work was carried out to support the construction of the Pokrovsky POX Hub, to prepare, to conduct commissioning works, and to train technological personnel. After the launching of the enterprise, the main task of the Research Center “Hydrometallurgy” is to provide scientific and technical assistance to the enterprise.


The leading SRC specialists have extensive experience in research, teaching and production activities. This experience and experience gained in the course of work in the project Pokrovsky POX Hub allows the center’s specialists to solve various problems related to the choice of technology and scientific and technical support of projects for the processing of various raw materials of non-ferrous and noble precious metals:

  • Based on the results of laboratory studies and pilot tests specialists of SRC will select a technological scheme for processing raw materials and determine the parameters and indicators of the key operations
  • Prepare criteria and regulations for the design of processing of enterprise
  •  Will provide a preliminary selection of the main equipment for a given processing capacity, perform a technical and economic assessment of an investment project (or part of it)
  • Provide engineering support for design work

For the investment projects with an already developed scheme and processing technology, SRC can perform an audit of design and working documentation including:

  • Analysis of technical and technological decisions and hardware design of the technological process, the quality of raw materials, intermediate and final products
  • Assessment of the number and range if equipment, need and availability of a reserve, it’s compliance with the declared performance and technical characteristics
  • Assessment of the compliance of the process operating conditions (pressure, temperature, composition of the atmosphere)
  • Assessment of the structural and material performance of the equipment, including the corrosion and thermal resistance of structural materials in the working environment
  • Checking the presence and sufficiency of shut-off and control valves
  • Checking the presence and sufficiency of level control systems, temperature, flow rate, pressure, composition of the atmosphere
  • Assessment of the safety of personnel, the availability of conditions for safe maintenance and repair of equipment.