Foundation of SRC

The decision of SRC creation was made in 2007 by the management of Peter Hambro Mining Management Company CJSC (currently – Petropavlovsk Management Company JSC). The idea came from the head of the company P. A. Maslovsky. The implementation of the project was entrusted to V.K.Fyodorov, who is now the chairman of the board of directors of LLC SRC Hydrometallurgy.

The beginning, laboratory part

In late 2007 – early 2008, the Petroproject Institute completed a project for the location of the future Hydrometallurgy Center on the basis of the Giproruda Design Institute in St. Petersburg.

On March 10, 2008, SRC Hydrometallurgy LLC was established, a board of directors consisted of 5 members was created, the chief officer of the center was elected – Professor, PhD Y. M. Shneerson. At the same meeting, articles of association were approved. The first staffing table of the center including 20 people was approved at June 1.

In January 2009, the laboratory equipment of the entire center was installed, tested and put into operation:

  • autoclave section;
  • analytical control laboratory;
  • assay melting;
  • gold cyanidation section;
  • areas for the disposal of wastewater and gas emissions.

From this date, the full-fledged work of the SRC “Hydrometallurgy” has begun.

Pilot plant

At the same time, desining of an autoclave pilot plant (APP) was started  in order to test technological processes in a continuous enlarged mode.

In 2009, the designers of the PHM Engineering company made a project for the installation of a pilot autoclave on the basis of the Pilot Shop for Ore Beneficiation of Pokrovsky Rudnik OJSC (Blagoveshchensk).

In 2010, the construction and equipment of the pilot plant is carried out on the basis of a continuously operating pilot autoclave with a volume of 50 liters. In April 2011, a pilot autoclave was put into operation. The pilot plant is fully automated and controlled remotely.


The first major work of the center was the project of the Pokrovsky autoclave-hydrometallurgical complex of the Petropavlovsk company (Pokrovsky POX HUB). This large-scale project began in 2009 and continues to this day and includes a wide range of scientific and technical works and services, in particular:

  • development of a technology for extracting gold from ores of the Malomyr and Pioneer deposits;
  • support for the design of an industrial facility;
  • participation in the main equipment selection, support of its manufacture and delivery to the  industrial site;
  • preparation of technological instructions for the autoclave-hydrometallurgical complex and training of personnel;
  • participation in commissioning work;
  • bringing production to the design level.

At the same time, from the beginning of its work, the center has been actively and productive cooperating with third-party Russian and foreign customers. Research and development works have being carried out to test the technological properties of ores and concentrates of noble and non-ferrous metals, to develop technologies for its extraction, to provide technological and analytical support to existing and planned production facilities. (see the Projects section).