SRC «Hydrometallurgy»

  • About SRC «Hydrometallurgy»

    The main task of the SRC is the scientific support of operating and projected non-ferrous metallurgy facilities. SRC solves the whole range of problems facing non-ferrous metal manufacturing companies. The results of our work can be both in the form of a report and in the form of technological regulations for design.

  • Key priority

    The key activity area of the SRC is development and implementation of highly efficient and environmentally friendly hydrometallurgical technologies for the processing of mineral raw materials, taking into account forecasts of the development of technology, scientific and technical marketing, and the latest achievements in the field of science and technology.

  • Research and development

    The SRC carries out a complex of laboratory research and semi-industrial tests for the study of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes for processing polymetallic raw materials.

  • Analytical services

    The analytical laboratory of the SRC provides services for analytical control of technological processes from raw materials to final products

  • Project support

    The SRC offers services for scientific, technical and technological support of investment projects in the field of hydrometallurgical processing of ores and concentrates of non-ferrous and precious metals.